Friday, April 24, 2009

Laziness Wins Again, It Would Seem...

Whoah, three months since my last post! I guess no matter how hard one tries to maintain a blog, time is always the winner. I really want to keep this thing going, and I won't go into the lame "real life messed me up" spiel. Suffice it to say that Sega-16 is really keeping me busy, but that's a good thing, right? I've been meaning to write for it more - or at least as much as a job and two children will let me, so my distraction there isn't entirely without merit.

And what writing I have been doing! My latest article will be up in two weeks, and it sheds some interesting relevations on the whole Sonic The Hedgehog 3/Michael Jackson urban legend. It's a lengthy piece, and it features new quotes from former Sega alumni that were given specifically for this article, including a new one from former SOA head Tom Kalinske.

I guess that no matter how much time I try to devote to other hobbies (like blogging), Sega-16 will always be the thing that takes the lion's share of my online time. I'll just try to share it here with the two of you that actually read - or used to read - this thing!

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Edward said...

I enjoy reading other gamer's opinions whenever I can, so I sincerely hope you'll be keeping this blog - for all things non Sega 16-bit related!