Friday, May 16, 2008

OMG, It's Still Growing!

... my Genesis collection, that is.

When I originally began to reacquire it back in 2000, I never really thought how far I would go with it. I had no plans for a website at the time, and I was still new to the world of emulation. Back then, I felt - as I still do today - that actual hardware is the best way to experience games (emulation is invaluable for demoing and documentation), so I wanted to grab as many Genesis games as I could. I was lucky, because you practically couldn't give the darn things away at the time, and I managed to snag a few gems like M.U.S.H.A. and Shining Force really cheap.

Fast forward eight years, and I'm still buying games. Mine's a modest collection compared to many others out there ( 220 boxed games, only 2 missing their manuals), but I love it. I love the hunt, and I love the anticipation of getting a new game in the mail. I still don't have a limit of how many titles I plan to buy, and I'm even more lax now with which games I consider worth purchasing. For instance, a few years ago I never would have considered buying any sports title, believing them to be too dated to retain my interest. That's changed, and I recently got copies of World Series Baseball and NBA Jam T.E. A fun game is a fun game, and who cares if three quarters of the roster retired already?

Currently, I just snagged Super Baseball 2020 (look for a review soon!) and Bubba 'N Stix, and I still have a copy of Aryton Senna's Super Monaco GP 2 on the way. My biggest problem is where to house my collection. I'm going to have a custom bookcase made when my new gameroom is completed sometime before the next millennium arrives, but as it is now, I'm pretty tight on space!

Not that a lack of space will stop my from buying more games... Curse you eBay!


Steve said...

Ken, it is funny to see how our collections have grown over the years, as well as our passion for the hobby itself -- how it is molded over time. And yes, don't underestimate those old simple sport games. Some of them, as you found out, are damn fun and still every bit as playable today as they were yesterday.

Ken Horowitz said...

Yeah, I'm amazed at how well so many of these games hold up after so long, even with the outdated rosters and such.