Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thoughts on 1st Gears of War 2 Gameplay Video

So the video went up last night, and my eager little fingers clicked enthusiastically to load it. Bufferring can be sweet, sweet agony, and when it finally loaded, I was treated to Cliffy B giving the rundown on how the game picks up after the original. Things then cut to an awesome scene of Phoenix and the other Cogs fighting Locusts in an outdoor on-rails stage on some kind of mobile battle platform. The battle took place in the third chapter of the first act, dubbed "Assault," a fittingly-named Locust attack on a Cog convoy, and there was much carnage involved. The action starts out with Phoenix and another Cog taking out a group of airborne Reavers, and then Phoenix unloads his Lancer into a sea of rushing Locusts that are assailing the convoy.

A great addition to the already solid gameplay is that Phoenix can now use an enemy as a human shield (which he dispatches afterward by snapping its neck and kicking it overboard), and there are now chainsaw duels! Someone comes at you with a chainsaw, what do you do? You rev yours up and block! Mash the B button madly and you end up slicing the baddie in two. There was also a scene where Phoenix seemed to impale a Locust with his chainsaw. Gruesome but oh so satisfying! My favorite part had to be when all the Cogs concentrated their fire on this massive two-legged beast that sported a back-mounted cannon. When it was on its last legs, they rammed it with their vehicle, knocking it dead to the side of the road.

The visuals look a lot like the original game, but they've apparently been tweaked and enhanced. The first Gears is simply gorgeous, so there isn't much need to improve, in my opinion, but I can honestly say that this footage looked awesome. This is going to rock hard folks, and November just can't come soon enough. Check out these screen grabs to whet your appetite, and then follow the link and see the glory for yourselves.

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